pydash: Release v3.2.0

Pydash v3.2.0 has been released.

It was a minor feature release with a bugfix.

What is pydash?

Pydash is the kitchen sink of Python utility libraries. It has over 250 general purpose functions that cover things like lists, dicts, collections, functions, numbers, predicates, and strings. It also features lazy method chaining, function pipe creation, and function currying. It has extensive testing with over 1,500 test cases and is Python 2.6+ and 3.3+ compatible. Originally, a straight port of the Lo-Dash, pydash has expanded to incorporate much more functionality.


Get it on Github and PyPI.



  • Added sort_by_order as alias of sort_by_all.
  • Made sort_by_all accept an orders argument for specifying the sort order of each key via boolean True (for ascending) and False (for descending).
  • Made words accept a pattern argument to override the default regex used for splitting words.
  • Made words handle single character words better.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix is_match to not compare obj and source types using type and instead use isinstance comparisons exclusively.


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