pydash: Release v3.0.0

Pydash v3.0.0 has been released.

It was a major version release with over 40 new functions, enhanced chaining functionality, bug fixes, and several backwards incompatible changes.

Please see the Upgrade Guide when transitioning from v2.x.x to v3.0.0.

What is pydash?

Pydash is the kitchen sink of Python utility libraries. It has over 250 general purpose functions that cover things like lists, dicts, collections, functions, numbers, predicates, and strings. It also features lazy method chaining, function pipe creation, and function currying. It has extensive testing with over 1,500 test cases and is Python 2.6+ and 3.3+ compatible. Originally, a straight port of the Lo-Dash, pydash has expanded to incorporate much more functionality.


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  • Add ary.
  • Add chars.
  • Add chop.
  • Add chop_right.
  • Add clean.
  • Add commit method to chain that returns a new chain with the computed chain.value() as the initial value of the chain.
  • Add count_substr.
  • Add decapitalize.
  • Add duplicates.
  • Add has_substr.
  • Add human_case.
  • Add insert_substr.
  • Add is_blank.
  • Add is_bool as alias of is_boolean.
  • Add is_builtin, is_native.
  • Add is_dict as alias of is_plain_object.
  • Add is_int as alias of is_integer.
  • Add is_match.
  • Add is_num as alias of is_number.
  • Add is_tuple.
  • Add join as alias of implode.
  • Add lines.
  • Add number_format.
  • Add pascal_case.
  • Add plant method to chain that returns a cloned chain with a new initial value.
  • Add predecessor.
  • Add property_of, prop_of.
  • Add prune.
  • Add re_replace.
  • Add rearg.
  • Add replace.
  • Add run as alias of chain.value.
  • Add separator_case.
  • Add series_phrase.
  • Add series_phrase_serial.
  • Add slugify.
  • Add sort_by_all.
  • Add strip_tags.
  • Add substr_left.
  • Add substr_left_end.
  • Add substr_right.
  • Add substr_right_end.
  • Add successor.
  • Add swap_case.
  • Add title_case.
  • Add truncate as alias of trunc.
  • Add to_boolean.
  • Add to_dict, to_plain_object.
  • Add to_number.
  • Add underscore_case as alias of snake_case.
  • Add unquote.
  • Make the following functions work with empty strings and None: (breaking change) Thanks k7sleeper!
    • camel_case
    • capitalize
    • chars
    • chop
    • chop_right
    • class_case
    • clean
    • count_substr
    • decapitalize
    • ends_with
    • join
    • js_replace
    • kebab_case
    • lines
    • quote
    • re_replace
    • replace
    • series_phrase
    • series_phrase_serial
    • starts_with
    • surround
  • Make callback invocation have better support for builtin functions and methods. Previously, if one wanted to pass a builtin function or method as a callback, it had to be wrapped in a lambda which limited the number of arguments that would be passed it. For example, _.each([1, 2, 3], array.append) would fail and would need to be converted to _.each([1, 2, 3], lambda item: array.append(item). That is no longer the case as the non-wrapped method is now supported.
  • Make capitalize accept strict argument to control whether to convert the rest of the string to lower case or not. Defaults to True.
  • Make chain support late passing of initial value argument.
  • Make chain not store computed value(). (breaking change)
  • Make drop, drop_right, take, and take_right have default n=1.
  • Make is_indexed return True for tuples.
  • Make partial and partial_right accept keyword arguments.
  • Make pluck style callbacks support deep paths.
  • Make re_replace accept non-string arguments.
  • Make sort_by accept reverse parameter.
  • Make splice work with strings.
  • Make to_string convert None to empty string. (breaking change)
  • Move arrays.join to strings.join. (breaking change)
  • Rename join/implode's second parameter from delimiter to separator. (breaking change)
  • Rename split/explode's second parameter from delimiter to separator. (breaking change)
  • Reorder function arguments for after from (n, func) to (func, n). (breaking change)
  • Reorder function arguments for before from (n, func) to (func, n). (breaking change)
  • Reorder function arguments for times from (n, callback) to (callback, n). (breaking change)
  • Reorder function arguments for js_match from (reg_exp, text) to (text, reg_exp). (breaking change)
  • Reorder function arguments for js_replace from (reg_exp, text, repl) to (text, reg_exp, repl). (breaking change)
  • Support iteration over class instance properties for non-list, non-dict, and non-iterable objects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix deep_has to return False when ValueError raised during path checking.
  • Fix pad so that it doesn't over pad beyond provided length.
  • Fix trunc/truncate so that they handle texts shorter than the max string length correctly.


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