Flask-Pushjack: Release v1.0.0

Flask-Pushjack v1.0.0 has been released.

It was the first major version release that brings the API inline with pushjack v1.0.0. There were a few backwards incompatible changes as well. The biggest breaking change is that pushjack 1.0.0 eliminated the send_bulk method which is now replaced by the send method. See the release notes for v1.0.0 of pushjack for more details.

What is Flask-Pushjack?

A Flask extension for sending APNS (Apple) and GCM (Android) push notifications. Utilizes the pushjack library.

It is Python 2.6+ and 3.3+ compatible.


Get it on Github and PyPI.



  • Add APNS_DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE=100 config option.
  • Pin pushjack dependency version to >=1.0.0. (breaking change)
  • Remove send_bulk method as bulk sending is now accomplished by the send function. (breaking change)
  • Remove APNS_HOST, APNS_PORT, APNS_FEEDBACK_HOST, and APNS_FEEDBACK_PORT config options. These are now determined by whether APNS_SANDBOX is True or not.
  • Remove APNS_MAX_NOTIFICATION_SIZE as config option.
  • Remove GCM_MAX_RECIPIENTS as config option.
  • Rename APNS_ERROR_TIMEOUT config option to APNS_DEFAULT_ERROR_TIMEOUT. (breaking change)

Bug Fixes



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