Automatic JSON Serialization in Flask Views

Wouldn't it be great if your Flask Views could automatically serialize lists and dicts to JSON? That instead of having to decorate views or explicitly call flask.jsonify on the output, you could just return the bare list or dict from the view function.

This can be accomplished with the following snippet:

from flask import Flask, Response, current_app, json, request

class ResponseJSON(Response):
    """Extend flask.Response with support for list/dict conversion to JSON."""
    def __init__(self, content=None, *args, **kargs):
        if isinstance(content, (list, dict)):
            kargs['mimetype'] = 'application/json'
            content = to_json(content)

        super(Response, self).__init__(content, *args, **kargs)

    def force_type(cls, response, environ=None):
        """Override with support for list/dict."""
        if isinstance(response, (list, dict)):
            return cls(response)
            return super(Response, cls).force_type(response, environ)

def to_json(content):
    """Converts content to json while respecting config options."""
    indent = None
    separators = (',', ':')

    if (current_app.config['JSONIFY_PRETTYPRINT_REGULAR']
            and not request.is_xhr):
        indent = 2
        separators = (', ', ': ')

    return (json.dumps(content, indent=indent, separators=separators), '\n')

class FlaskJSON(Flask):
    """Extension of standard Flask app with custom response class."""
    response_class = ResponseJSON

app = FlaskJSON(__name__)

def demo_list():
    return ['this', 'will', 'be', 'converted', 'to', 'a', 'json', 'list']

def demo_dict():
    return {'this': 'will', 'be': 'converted', 'to': 'a', 'json': 'dict'}

with app.test_client() as client:

Whenever a list or dict object is returned by a view function, the ResponseJSON class sets the mimetype to application/json and calls to_json on the object. The to_json function uses flask.json to serialize the object to JSON while respecting the JSONIFY_PRETTYPRINT_REGULAR config option. A newline is appended to the JSON string to be inline with mitsuhiko/flask#1261.


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