New Project: pushjack

I've started a new Python project: pushjack

The goal of pushjack is to provide a basic set of tools for sending push notifications over the APNS (Apple) or GCM (Android) networks.

While there are already several other push notification libraries, I wanted pushjack to be have the following features:

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Late Value Passing for Lazy Method Chaining in Python

This is part three in my series on Generative Classes.

In part two of this series, Lazy Method Chaining in Python, I showed an example of how to implement lazy method chaining. In this post I will build upon that implementation by building support for a way to pass the seed value of the lazy method chain late, i.e., at the end of the chain instead of at the beginning. This will then allow us to easily create reusable ad-hoc functions from chained methods.

The example code I will use to discuss this type of functionality can be found in pydash's chaining submodule:

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